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24th mayo 2015

Horse Mote

Monitor Horses!

Horse Mote is a smart device, designed with the latest technologies, which is weared by horses in order to get different parameters and monitor their health:

Body Temperature: There is a sensor for reading the temperatura of the body.

Sweeting: The level of sweeting.

Heart Rate: The pulse of the horse.

Position: Thanks to an acelerometer is possible to know the exact position of the horse.

Change of Position: Finally, it is possible to know if the horse has been wallowing.

With all of these parameters, we try to detect if a horse is having any health problema. Each user can calibrate and configure different threshold and alerts in order to avoid false alarms.

These devices have  a low power consume and can be recharged. They have been designed to to harm horse skin.


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Delays in Availability

We regret not having it available for the moment as we are having some delays with test for not having false alarms. As soon as possible we will solve problems. Thanks.