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24th mayo 2015

Box Mote

Monitor the Box!

Box Mote is a smart device, designed with the latest technologies,  which is installed in the box in order to get different parameters:

Opening/Closing Doors: Thanks to a reed sensor, Box Mote can detect when the door is opened and closed. It sends data in real time to the server. if you have configured an alarm in order to be noticed, an e-mail will be send to your mobile.

Temperature/Humidity: Inside the box there is a digital sensor in order to know the value of the temperature and the humidity. By default, this information is sent to the server every hour.

Amount of Water: A sensor installed before the trough allow Box Mote know the number of litres drunk by a horse. Every hour, cumulative value of liters is sent to the server.

RFID Register: Besides, the Box Mote has a RFID reader so in that way, every time a worker access to the box in order to clean it, it registers the activity.

These devices send data to Internet through radio communications and they are powered by solar panels.

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